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The Role of Grades in the VLACS Admissions Process

A student's previous grades matter, but poor grades won't prevent a student's admission to VLACS. The Admissions Team references transcripts to determine credits earned and course sequencing but does not use prior grades/past academic performance as part of the admissions decision. For more information, please contact…

Minimum Passing Grades

For students taking VLACS courses, competency is measured by a student passing specified competency assignments, including projects, papers, exams, or quizzes, with a grade of 85% or better and having greater than a 60% average in the course. Students are allowed multiple attempts on assignments and are supported by t…

How to Read Pacing Tools and Student Grades in Maestro

Learn how to read the pacing tools and student grades sections in the student information system. Follow the directions in the screen cast. See the text version below. 1. Log in from a Guardian Account to the home screen. On the left the guardian can click on their students’ name. In this example, the Guardian can …

How to View Grades and Feedback in Canvas

In this video, VLACS Instructor Joshua Desrochers shows students how to access their grades and view feedback from their instructors in Canvas.

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