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How to Show VLACS Credits When A School Won't Transfer Them

Sometimes, schools don't transfer VLACS credits. VLACS provides all students with an official transcript that they can include in a college or employment application packet along with their full-time school’s transcript. For more information, please contact [email protected]

Determining How Long The Admissions Process Takes

[Part-time students][1] can enroll without going through the admissions process. For [full-time applicants][2], the amount of time the process takes depends on the student's history with VLACS. If students have successfully completed VLACS courses previously and/or are currently enrolled in a course or courses, they m…

How Competencies Appear on Transcript

If a student only enrolls in competencies, the transcript will say “competencies met” and then list the competencies the student has met. For more information, please contact [[email protected]][1]. [1]: mailto:[email protected]

Explanation of Transcript Dates

The transcript appears in the academic year that the student started the segment. For example, if a student started Segment 1 of a course in May of 2020, then that segment would appear under 2019-2020. If they started Segment 2 in November of 2020, that segment appears in 2020-2021. For more information, please contac…

How to Request a Transcript

Fill out and submit the [Transcript Request Form][1] to request a VLACS transcript. Transcript requests may take up to two weeks to process. For questions about transcripts, please contact [[email protected]][2] . [1]: [2]: mailto:[email protected]

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