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How to Enroll in the Second Semester of a Course

Students can enroll in the second semester of a course. If they're homeschool students, they can make the decision based on the competencies. If they are affiliated with their local school, they must check with their counselor to ensure that the second semester is the correct placement and that the credit will transfe…

Partial Course Enrollment

Students may enroll in only the part of the course they need. These parts are broken down into components called [competencies][1]. Students may not enroll in partial competencies. For more information, please contact [[email protected]][2]. [1]: [2]: m…

How Homeschool Students Can Earn A VLACS Diploma

To earn a VLACS diploma, students must enroll as full-time VLACS students. This means that homeschool students who want to earn a VLACS diploma need to change their status from "homeschool" to "full-time VLACS." To enroll as a full-time student, follow the directions on the [Full-time Student Application][1] page. For…

The VLACS Application Process

Students can apply for full-time or part-time status. Interested students should start by attending an [open house session][1], emailing [email protected], or calling 603-778-2500. For more information on the full-time program, please review the[ Full-Time Admissions][2] page[.][3] Part-time students do not need t…

How Homeschool Students Can Enroll in VLACS

Like all part-time VLACS students, homeschool students may take courses up to 6 credits per year, between July 1 and June 30, without enrolling as full-time students.

The Difference Between an Open House and an Information Session

VLACS Open Houses are open to the general public and are considered the first step in the part-time or full-time enrollment process. At an Open House, students learn what VLACS offers. Information sessions don't happen until after a student submits and application to a full-time program at the elementary, middle schoo…

Distant Start Date

Students may choose future start dates that meet their scheduling needs. For more information, please contact [[email protected]][1]. [1]: mailto:[email protected]

How to Enroll in Courses - 2022 Update

1. Log into student account and request a course. ![][1] 2. Answer these prompts. ![][2] 3. Update demographic data every three months. ![][3] 4. Read the learning pathways descriptions. ![][4] 5. Review and select options: segments, competencies, pathways. ![][5] 6. Remember: competencies are also called ou…

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