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VLACS Communications to Elementary Students

Elementary students and their families can expect the following types of communications from VLACS: * [Welcome Call][1] * Follow-up Appointment * [Grace Period][2] * Weekly Contact * Weekly Activities * [Flexible Pacing][3] * Prompt feedback on assignments * [Academic and technical helpdesk support][4…

The Difference Between Office Hours and Appointment Hours

All VLACS instructors offer office hours and appointment hours. They are separate times throughout the week that instructors are available. Appointment hours are set times that instructors hold for students and/or parents/guardians to meet via video conferencing at specific times. Students and parents/guardians can ma…

Communications That Families Can Expect When Beginning VLACS

* Every VLACS course begins with a Welcome Call. A Welcome Call is between the VLACS instructor, the student, and the parents. No student may start a course without the Welcome Call. * About 7 days after the student starts the course, the student and the instructor meet in Zoom for a Follow Up Appointment. This ap…

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