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Required Attendance at Welcome Calls and Monthly Meetings

Students must attend the Welcome Call and Monthly Meeting with a parent or guardian. The Welcome Call and subsequent Monthly Meetings are a required part of the VLACS experience. School counselors, teachers, or anyone else who is not the student's parent or guardian cannot act as parent or guardian. Sometimes, a stude…

How to Use Office Hours

All VLACS instructors hold office hours at least three times per week for their students. Office hours are unscheduled drop-in times for students to meet with their instructors over zoom, live chat, or email. When students email their instructors during office hours, they can generally expect a quicker turnaround time…

Partner School Access to Student Records

School staff who monitor the students taking VLACS courses will have access to the system. This includes school administrators and counselors but does not include classroom teachers. The school administrator who has access to the system can download and share any pertinent information for which the classroom teacher h…

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