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Access to VLACS Materials

VLACS students have access to materials. Parents, guardians, teachers, school counselors, and any other adult who works with the student must access VLACS materials through the student's account. VLACS licensing agreements prohibit VLACS from sharing access to individuals other than VLACS instructors and students. For…

Partner School Access to Student Records

School staff who monitor the students taking VLACS courses will have access to the system. This includes school administrators and counselors but does not include classroom teachers. The school administrator who has access to the system can download and share any pertinent information for which the classroom teacher h…

How to View Grades and Feedback in Canvas

In this video, VLACS Instructor Joshua Desrochers shows students how to access their grades and view feedback from their instructors in Canvas.

How To Launch Your Course from the Maestro Dashboard

This step-by-step video explains how to launch your VLACS course from the Maestro dashboard.

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