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Required Meetings for Parents/Guardians

A parent or guardian must attend the initial Welcome Call for every VLACS course, project, or experience, in addition to every monthly meeting. Parents/guardians are welcome to attend other meetings but the Welcome Call and Monthly Meeting are the only requirements.

Required Attendance at Welcome Calls and Monthly Meetings

Students must attend the Welcome Call and Monthly Meeting with a parent or guardian. The Welcome Call and subsequent Monthly Meetings are a required part of the VLACS experience. School counselors, teachers, or anyone else who is not the student's parent or guardian cannot act as parent or guardian. Sometimes, a stude…

Adult Involvement in a Child's VLACS Journey

Involvement varies by grade level. Typically, the younger the student, the more the student needs from an adult. VLACS encourages all parents/guardians to remain active in their child's VLACS career. Students and participate in a Welcome Call with the instructor of each course prior to beginning, and then participate…

How VLACS Students and Instructors Interact Online

Students begin a course by attending a Welcome Call with the instructor and a parent or guardian. At this meeting, the student, adult, and instructor meet over zoom for the first time -- they get to know each other and the instructor explains how the course works. Students access their lessons and assignments through …

Welcome Call Expectations

Students under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian attend the required Welcome Call with them. They must also have an internet-connected device and access to their username and password. The welcome call lasts for at least 15 minutes. Students and a parent or guardian must participate in the welcome for every …

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