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How to Use the Canvas Pacing Tool
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The Canvas Pacing Tool offers students a way to keep track of their assignments and work at a pace that will allow them to finish the course on time.

To use the tool, students should:


1. Open any of their courses and click on the calendar icon on the left side of the screen.

All the assignments for all the student's courses in which the pacing tool is turned on will appear. The assignments will appear in strike-thru as students complete them.


2. Check the To Do list on the right side of the page. The dashboard will display the next assignments due for all courses. The individual course home page will show the next assignments due for just that course.



3. Check the Canvas Grading section on the Dashboard.


Due dates will be visible next to the assignments. The term "Missing" indicates that the due date has passed and the student has not submitted the assignment. It will disappear once the student submits the work.


4. Check the Modules section by clicking on the Modules tab.



Due dates are listed below each assignment in the Modules tab.

- An assignment with a grey circle means the assignment is not yet completed and not yet due.

- An assignment with a red circle with a strike-thru next to it means that the assignment has not been submitted and the due date has passed.

- A green check next to an assignment means that the assignment has been completed.


*Please note that the pacing tool will be available in all NEW enrollments. If you are already enrolled in a course, the pacing tool may not be active in your course. 















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