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Understanding the VLACS Transcript
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Here are key terms and definitions on the current VLACS transcript:


In Progress

Courses that are labeled "in progress" refer to those in which a student is currently enrolled. The grade is based on the percentage of the course completed. For example, if a student has a 95% and has completed 20% of the course, the grade can change as the student completes more of the course.


External Enrollments

These refer to previous VLACS courses from a prior data system. External enrollments do not refer to courses from schools outside of VLACS. Transfer credits from other schools and programs do not appear on this transcript.



VLACS calculates credit based on the number of competencies a student completes. If a student completes 1 of 8 competencies in a 1 credit a course their transcript would reflect a .125 credit. VLACS is in the process of creating a detailed competency transcript. In the meantime, school counselors should contact [email protected] for specific information on a student's competency completion.


Honors status is determined in two ways:

a. If the course has an honors option and the student elects to take that option;

b. If the the student earns a 97% or above in a traditional course.

Local schools decide how to interpret the honors designation on a VLACS transcript. 






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