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How to Enroll in Courses - 2022 Update
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1. Log into student account and request a course.

2. Answer these prompts.

3. Update demographic data every three months.


4. Read the learning pathways descriptions.


5. Review and select options: segments, competencies, pathways.


6. Remember: competencies are also called outcomes on this screen!


7. Here's an example of selecting just a few competencies, or outcomes.


8. Click "Add Course Request.


9. Look for Guardian Approval Email.


10. Log into Guardian Account and click "Student Course Requests."


11. Approve student's request by clicking on the star.


12. Answer the prompts.


13. Receive confirmation message.


14. When the course is approved, the star disappears and the status changes to approved.


15. Check for welcome emails and other notifications from the student's VLACS instructor.


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