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Troubleshooting Guide for Login Issues
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This guide offers a few potential solutions to some common login issues.


  1. Currently, logging in on tablets and mobile devices does not work well. Please work from a desktop or laptop computer.
  2. Please make sure you are using our most compatible browsers: Google Chrome or Firefox.
  3. Make sure the website address is correct:
  4. Double-check the username and password -- the password is case sensitive!
  5. If the username and password don't match, click Forgot Password. Check any email that you may have used to register for courses. Reset the password. If there's no email at any of the possible email addresses after clicking Forgot Password, then submit a helpdesk ticket.
  6. If you log in with the correct username and password but don’t see courses, then you're not enrolled. Check to make sure that a parent/guardian has approved the request:
    • Parent/guardian must log in with their account.
    • If the courses are approved, they will show up on the screen as approved.
    •  If their status says submitted, they're not approved and a parent/guardian must click on the star next to each course to approve them.

6. If you see courses, and click the launch button but the launch button doesn't work, then you need to make sure their pop-up blockers are turned off.

7. If you see courses and the pop-up blockers are turned off and the launch still doesn't work, then try launching the course by clicking the blue arrow next to the course.

8. If the course still doesn't launch, clear the cache and history, log out, log back in and try again. If that doesn't work, then submit a helpdesk ticket.

9. If the Request Credentials message shows up, then students must activate their account by clicking on the one-time activation link found in the email sent to them. 

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