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Skills Coach Referrals
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VLACS Skills Coaches can offer students a refresh on foundational skills in math or writing, but do not work with students on course content.

The Skills Coach Referral Process:

  • Instructor observes a foundational skills deficiency in math and/or writing;
  • Instructor contacts student and parent to invite the student to receive additional support with a VLACS Skills Coach;
  • Instructor completes skills coach referral form, provided student and parents would like additional support;
  • Office assigns a skills coach and contacts student to set up meeting times;
  • Student schedules initial meeting with Skills Coach;
  • Student meets with Skills Coach up to 3 times (if 3 are needed) for 20-30 minutes over the course of 1-2 weeks;
  • Skills coach sends  a summary email to student, instructor, and parent at the conclusion of the session(s); and
  • If the instructor feels additional skills support is needed in other areas, they file an additional referral.












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