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Communications That Families Can Expect When Beginning VLACS
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  • Every VLACS course begins with a Welcome Call.  A Welcome Call is between the VLACS instructor, the student, and the parents.  No student may start a course without the Welcome Call.
  • About 7 days after the student starts the course, the student and the instructor meet in Zoom for a Follow Up Appointment.  This appointment is to help ensure that the student has gotten off to a good start and can easily navigate the course and assignments.  
  • All students are offered a 28 day trial period called a Grace Period.  This allows students to try out a course or check out VLACS. If they decide the course or format isn’t for them, they can withdraw without penalty and this will not show on any transcripts. 
  • Students should expect to hear from their instructor at least once per week. Contact includes phone calls, Zoom meetings, feedback on student work, emails, and chat.
  • Students can also expect prompt feedback on assignments so that they can keep learning and progressing in their course.
  • Students also have access to our Academic helpdesk which is staffed with certified NH teachers who can help them in a variety of areas. 
  • Students also have access to a Technical helpdesk that is available many hours of the day.
  • Elementary  students will have one teacher for their core area subjects which are math, language arts, science, and social studies and the option for weekly activities. 
  • VLACS instructors offer office hours, appointment hours, and regular check-in times to support students & their families.









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