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VLACS's Approach to Customized Learning
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VLACS's approach to customized learning consists of four pillars:


  • VLACS is a fully competency-based school.  Students demonstrate mastery of one set of skills or concepts prior to moving on to the next topic in the course. 

  • Flexible pacing offers freedom for the students to work at a pace that best meets their needs based on their goals.  As long as the student makes regular, consistent progress and communicates with the instructor, they are “on pace." 

  • Students can work wherever they have an internet connection. Learning truly can be “anywhere” and allows VLACS students to learn when and where it makes the most sense.  

  • One-on-one support from VLACS instructors offers each student with a support network to be as successful as possible and learn to advocate for themselves.


To learn more about customized learning, please see VLACS's Customized Learning page.




















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