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How Reinstatement Works at VLACS
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If a student is withdrawn from a course and wants to return, they must contact School Counseling within 14 days of notification of their withdrawal to determine eligibility for course reinstatement. If eligible to resume the course, the student will develop a reinstatement plan, subject to approval by the instructor, that outlines the student's goals for the course and their plans for successful completion.


Here's the VLACS reinstatement protocol:


  • When an instructor withdraws a student, the student is notified in an email about the option to be reinstated into the course. 

  • A student may be reinstated if they were dropped beyond the grace period, and the student contacts the instructor or school counseling department within 14 days of their withdrawal .

  • The School Counseling Department will send the reinstatement plan and move the student back into the course in CI. 

  • The instructor will be notified by School Counseling, and any contact from the counseling department will be noted in the student’s communication log. 

  •  A school counselor can provide support as needed for writing and/or review of the reinstatement plan.


For more information, please contact [email protected].









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