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DBA's for K-3 Elementay School Students
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  • DBAs prompts for K-3 students are not visible. VLACS does not want to cause stress for students and parents.
  • Students do not have formal DBAs with their instructors as they do in 4th-12th grades but instructors will use some of the DBA slides provided to check for understanding of core concepts during their weekly meetings.
  • What they address during their weekly meeting will depend on where the student is in their learning. If they are finishing up with a Math module, the instructor may pull up the math DBA slides and talk to the students about some of the prompts on those slides during the weekly meeting. If they are doing great in math, they may even choose to skip these DBA prompts altogether and concentrate in an area they are struggling in.
  • There is a DBA assignment in the course with a reflection sheet. VLACS gives instructors flexibility in terms of how they ask their students to complete these.
  • In some of the elementary courses, the DBA's are grouped into every other module. DBA's do not show up in the gradebook for every module, but the DBA will cover information regarding the two modules.  Some students like to do half of the DBA while it is fresh in their mind for one module and then finish up the second part of the DBA when they finish the other module.  

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